Yes, I was one of those guys who used to dress up as a Klingon. Photos were taken from between 1990 and 2000. I have also included some photos of some of the many friends I have made over the years.

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Kalak and KHack!
What? Does not every Klingon own a Hawaiin shirt?
By the gods, what a handsome bastard!
Toronto Trek 93. That was a whole lot of Klingons!
The KAG Kanada contingent
Some more crazy Klingons!
Oh yeah? Mine is bigger!
Krikor and his latest ride!
A genuine Scottish Klingon!
WorldCon 94 - Klingon Dating Game!
The SeaTrek 1993 contingent!
SeaTrek 1993 Costume Competition winners!
Rogue and KHack in their civvies!
They start recruiting them young!
Aliyah! Yumm!!!!
The Maine Moxie Day Parade!
Kestrel, KHack and Admiral KTan
Gowron (Bob OReilly) does not stand a chance!
This was OUR table at SeaTrek 93!
KTan sure loves his Moxie!
The ladies love checking out KHacks goodies!
KAG Kanada table setup v1
KAG Kanada table setup v2
On the prowl at lunch time!
Window shopping!
What a scurvy lot!
KHack gets to the point with his Romulan buddy!
KAG Kanada & Red Cross Blood Drive!
Kalak calls his mommy!
Botaq - a proud warrior!
KHack gives a makeup demo at Camp Massawippi!
Dirty dancing with Donna!
Quite the lovely crowd at TTrek!
On stage with Aliyah and the Admiral
KHack derives great pleasure from pinning the ladies!
KHack versus Bob Benedetti (CFCF Pulse News)
The Admiral gets his due rewards!
How about a Scottish version of KTan?
Kalak towels off the Admiral
Some of KAGs finest at an early TTrek
Aliyah and Jimmy Doohan!
I am afraid to ask what is going on!
1st ever KAG Kanada QUEMAR Squad Bowl-a-thon!
Soliciting donations at a Klingon bowl-a-thon!
Our donation bucket!
Kalak and Krikor do a little jiving on the dance floor!
A proud sight at the Montreal Planetarium!
KHack and KEra - what a power couple!
KEra getting the treatment from KHack!
KHack and KEra in love!