Many examples of both old school and digitial art that I have worked on over the past 35+ years! A lot of the more recent illustrations are proof of concept illustrations to convince my 2 Wacky Pin Guy partner that they would make great pins! This portfolio will be constantly updated.

Please note that many of the 3D illustrations were created in Cinema 4D R10-R18 with some images originally created in Bryce 5 (with tweaks added in Photoshop).

Apologies if the page takes a moment to load. It is pre-loading the image cache. It’s worth it, trust me!

2016 Canadian Rocket Award concepts
2016 Stargate Earrings
2016 Tardis Bottle Opener
2015 Coffee Christmas Pendant
2016 Space Station K7 Shot Glass v1
2016 Space Station K7 Shot Glass v2
2016 Flash Helmet Pin (back view)
Earth 2 Flash Helmet Concept 4-way v1
2016 Flash Helmet Pin
Earth 2 Flash Helmet Concept 4-way v2
Strategic Scientific Reserve Pin v2
Strategic Scientific Reserve Pin v1
2016 SHIELD Pin
2015 Agent Carter SSR Pin
2015 The Real SHIELD Pin
2015 Star Trek Earrings
2013 Star Trek Christmas Ornaments
2014 Hydra Pin
2016 SHIELD Pin v1
SHIELD Pin Concept v2
Copper on Pewter Klingon Belt Buckle Concept v2
Pewter on Copper Klingon Belt Buckle Concept v2
Enterprise TCon Coin - Disguised
Enterprise TCon Coin - Revealed
NCC-1701-D Challenge Coin
Polaris 25 Challenge Coin
Star Trek Voyager Combadge
Starfleet Belt Buckle with removeable combadge
Space Opera Society Pin
Tardis Keys
Stargate Suncatcher Window Ornament
2013 Tardis Christmas Ornament
Tintin Bottle Opener
Tintin Bottle Opener - Multi Views
Toronto Steampunk Society Pin
Klingon Academy Pin
Starfleet Acadamy Rings
Captain America
Captain America
Chamelea - Journey
Chamelea - Digitial Journey
Chamelea - Journey through the Crystal Valley
Chamelea - Journey through the land of fire
Stacks Image 171861
Chamelea - Journey through sorrow
Cherry Wireframe
Cherry Wireframe & Render
Cherry Render
USS Niven Profile
USS Niven Front View
USS Niven Rear View
USS Niven Top View
USS Niven Bottom View
USS Niven One Sheet
Just hanging out
The Phoenix Expedition Poster
DimensionSF Poster Background
DimensionSF Film Festival Poster
Journey to Oblivion Documentary Poster - English
TO-BACC-OFF Nickelback Poster
A Hard Days Knight
Blue Grit
Big Blue Note
A Ritzy Couple
The Flutist
BC Ferry Ride Sunset
Hood Ornament Sketch
Mars Attacks Saucer
Bob - The Spider from Mars
MonSFFA 20th Anniversary Pin Design v1
MonSFFA 20th Anniversary Pin Design v2
Flesh Gordon Rocket v1
Flesh Gordon Rocket v2
Stacks Image 171923
Flesh Gordon Rocket v4
Flesh Gordon Rocket Virgil Finlay Tribute Render Test
Jonny Quest Dragonfly - Coming Home
Jonny Quest Dragonfly - Desktop Ornament
Lost in Space - Station Concept v1
Lost in Space - Station Concept v2
When Worlds Collide Space Ark
Who Goes There?
Fortress of Solitude
Stacks Image 171943
Phase of the Moon v2
Gone Fishing
Quiet Day at Sea
Quiet Night at Sea
Out of town for Christmas - Daytime Render
Out of town for Christmas - Night time Render
Alone on Io
Space 1999 Stun Gun
Reischl Raygun v1
Reischl Raygun v1 X-Ray
Reischl Raygun v2
Reischl Raygun v2 X-Ray
Romulan Battle Bagel Concept
Romulan Battle Bagel Concept 1
Blade Runner Pistol v1
Blade Runner Pistol v1 - X-Ray
Blade Runner Pistol v3
Blade Runner Pistol v2 - X-Ray
Blade Runner Pistol v2
Noisy Cricket v1
Noisy Cricket v2
Sandman Pistol v1
Sandman Pistol v2
Sonic Screwdrivers
WARP 64 Cover concept sketch
WARP 64 Cover Final
WARP 67 Cover v1 - No text
WARP 67 Cover v1
WARP 67 Cover v2 - No text
WARP 67 Cover v2
WARP 78 Cover concept
WARP 78 Final Cover
WARP 81 Cover - no text
WARP 81 Final Cover
WARP 82 cover - no text
WARP 82 Cover